Enhance and protect your facility with custom-made sports padding

Floor & Wall Sports Padding Also Available

At Rae-Line we manufacture high quality sports padding, gym mats, foam mats and protective padding, suitable for a range of different facilities. Our sports padding is utilised not only in gyms but for many different purposes including play equipment protection, trampoline centres, dojos, climbing walls, bouldering walls, outdoor sports fields, school halls, skate boarding and BMX centres, boxing rings, climbing walls and more. Essentially we create sports padding to suit any surface that needs extra protection. Whether it’s the walls, floors, corners, beams or handrails, we create padding or matting that covers it all.

Sports Padding

Here are a few examples of foam floor tiles also known as foam floor mats or foam padding that can be manufactured and supplied for all size projects. For commercial use and home use too. Safety mats are often required at the bottom of climbing walls and bouldering walls or any play area that may result in a fall. Where requested padding is assessed against Australian and international standards and where applicable tested to a CFH and HIC. Where requested site testing and certification is also available.

Why invest in gym padding?

Gym Padding

Professional gym padding; gym mats and gym wall padding enhances the appearance of a sporting facility, as well as significantly improves the safety. Sports pads are essential in any area where vigorous physical activity takes place, as it helps prevent injuries. It can also be used to shield potential safety hazards caused by beams, columns and corners that are common in gym facilities and work places. We also create padded wall panels, wall padding that can easily be installed and removed with Velcro attachments for a temporary solution. Wall padding for home, wall padding for gym.


High Quality Gym Padding

We are very particular with the materials we use. To ensure perfection, we strive to source the highest quality materials to produce our sports padding. We utilise the following materials:

  • Rip-stop vinyl – UV protected and FR rated
  • EVA foam
  • PU open cell foam
  • Velcro
  • Heavy duty zippers

Manufacturing Process

Gym Padding – Manufacturing Process
At Rae-Line our manufacturing team takes much care and consideration when custom designing sports padding. Once provided with the measurements of your facility, our team undertakes a 3D cad design process to ensure the gym padding fits correctly. The fabric and foam are then cut to size using precise Gerber and Pathfinder automatic cutting machines. Our highly skilled sewing machinists then set to work to finish off the gym padding. With their experienced eyes, they don’t stop until the padding is delivered as designed.


At Rae-Line we work with you to design gym padding that specifically suits your purpose and facility. From manufacturing a few foam mats or gym pads for a local gym, through to creating so much padding that it has filled four 40-foot containers, we have tackled every sized project. We customize gym padding to your needs and manufacture it in all shapes and sizes, with ‘critical fall height’ approval available. What is great about our product is it is super easy to install. We provide comprehensive coloured and number installation drawings that make installation and future maintenance simple.

Interlocking foam mats. A foam flooring system ideal for protecting large areas where activity or play will take place. Dojo’s, activity areas, play centres. Nata tested to ensure you are getting what you expect.

Valued clients

Our Gym Padding Projects

During our time in the industry we have worked on many important projects. Many school gyms and sports centres. Bounce Trampoline centres all over the world and hundreds of other projects including bouldering, climbing, defense, hotel play grounds and many more.

We custom manufacture all forms of fall protection. Sports padding; gym mats, foam mats, gym flooring, gym wall padding, protective padding, pole covers, gym floor mats, climbing wall mats, bouldering mats, bouldering pads, goal post padding, basketball pole padding, netball pole padding, football goal post padding, rock climbing crash pad. Whatever your needs the Rae-Line team have got you covered.

For further information about our sports padding solutions, please contact the friendly team at Rae-Line on (03) 9728 8300.